To London

They picked up my tv yesterday, and my internetconnection decided to leave too. Which made it a very weird and silent evening. But no further excuses to not start packing, both boxes and my suitcase. And to throw out even more stuff. The fact that I have to carry it down myself all together, is a very good motivation for throwing things out.

This post is written from Aarhus Airport, where I am waiting for the flight to London, which is leaving in about an hour and a half from now. Hopefully without delay, because I need to be in Central London at 15.00, (UK time) for a very important meeting (the first one). I am very nervous, I didn’t sleep that well, I bite my nails, and I am tired already. I wonder how it all will go.

If I have time enough, I will try to go to the real Cafe (The Cafe) just before the meeting. If that can’t get me motivated and focused, I don’t know what can.

If you should be boring yourself at 16.00 (dutch time), send some positive vibes over, I’ll need them desperately at exactly that time, for an hour or so.

Now I need some breakfast.

4 thoughts to “To London”

  1. All the luck in the world for you at 4 pm. I cross my fingers for you ;-)
    Everything`s gone a be, allright!!

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