Fun With Dick And Jane

The Odeon West End cinema, Leicester square, London
The Odeon West End cinema, Leicester square, London – fanatical about film (and so am I)

Exactly how romantic is it to eat at Burger King on Valentine’s Day. Well at least BK had the best Valentine’s Day slogan I have read today:

On the menu of life, you are the today’s special. And tomorrow. And the day after. And the day after. etc.

I needed to do something fun after another wacky screwed up job interview. I think this is the toughest interview I have ever done. And I also think it was the weirdest one, and I felt like a fried tomato after it.I probably have blown it completely here too, so we start from scratch again.

But then I was thinking dear readers. How interesting would it have been for you, when I just would have scored a job this easy. I mean that wouldn’t have been any fun would it ? It’s much more interesting to follow the story of a soon to be workless girl, who had this crazy idea of burning all bridges behind her by moving to London, struggling to get a life in this city. Now there are moments that I am wondering about what the hell I am doing. But there has not been a second yet where I regret it. London is home already, and this is something I need to do.

I needed something fun to do after the fry session, so I went to have Fun With Dick And Jane (mostly because Underworld Evolution (with Bill Nighy) wasn’t running at the time I was at the cinema (will catch Bill/Viktor later this week). So Jim Carrey in stead, and no matter how bad this movie turned out to be (bad story, Carrey is the only reason to see it), I have laughed a lot about him, so that was worth it.

Another highlight today was a first visit to a real UK supermarket : Morrisons. Morrisons is big. They have dutch cheese in many flavours, even Leerdammer, and smoked cheese (which I love). I have spent a lot of time finding tea, but finally found out that their teabags are round (and they sell them in very large packages! I am a tea person so this is heaven too), and not like the ones I am used to at home. And it does taste good ! The prices are lower than in Denmark. I finally can buy normal brown bread again in the bakery, hurrah for that. They have mushroom soup, yay ! And the very best : their choice in desserts is HUGE ! (finally after 9 years of a cold dessert turkey in Denmark).

And hurrah, tomorrow is a brand new day, and I think I will play tourist tomorrow.
(And don’t worry about me, I’m fine – and I still love London Actually, a great deal).

5 thoughts to “Fun With Dick And Jane”

  1. You will find a job, no doubt about it. Maybe not the perfect one right away, but you will. If not, I will send you foodpackages so you won’t starve to death ;-)

  2. “But then I was thinking dear readers. How interesting would it have been for you…”, ah, but it’s not drama I seek. I was more like opting for a romantic comedy where you finally end up with a nice Londoner, like, just to name one, Bill. And eh, “drink tea, there’s lots of tea!”

  3. I’ll do my very best Yak :-)
    I am also more into a romantic comedy to be honest, when it comes to my own life. :-)

    “And I am drinking lots of tea. ”
    And ate all the chocolate too …

  4. Fun with Dick and Jane is not very good, you’re right. But keep the Enron-scandals in the States in mind and it becomes a much better movie :)

  5. This article posting amused me in a number of ways, and I hope you found your perfect (or near perfect!) job by now, although I know it is an old post and I should have been here sooner.

    Round tea bags are good. Yes. But, I still do not think I have seen the round ones in Denmark yet – not at least in the hotels I have visited recently.

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