How to be embarrassing in London – part I

Piccadilly Circus

I’ll show you, in 5 simple steps:

Take the wrong side of the stairs all the time, and be a ghostwalker, annoying as many people as possible.
(I’m sorry I really try to remember it, but there is so much to remember)

Accidently follow 2 (theatregroup)guys all the way into the mens room (!) while thinking we were going to have a drink in the pub.
(misunderstanding is my last name – and nothing happened, except a lot of laughing about me, but hey, there are worse things – and we did end in the pub and had the drink anyway)

Come late on at least 2 appointments because the tube is fast, but not as fast as you think, and even though the tubemap is small, in real the distances are long, and travelling takes time.
(London is a big city – remember that !)

Londoners don’t wait for green light, they just walk over whenever they can. I’ve tried to be a wannabe Londoner several times, resulting in cars beginning to drive while I am on the exact middle of the crossing, resulting in some angry car horns telling me that I am not ready for this yet.
(OK, I got that now) (And if there weren’t any “Look Left” – “Look Right” marks on most crossings, I don’t know what might have happened.)

When paying something in cash, annoy the cashier and the people behind you in the queue by having to look closely at every type of coin to see what they are worth.
(Need to do some serious coin study soon).

But I do love London, and I hope soon London will love me too.

5 thoughts to “How to be embarrassing in London – part I”

  1. Especially the tube thing and the street crossing I can relate to. It’s so funny that the map is so small and it takes ages to cross this small map :-)

  2. Ha, if you leave out the space in toilet issue one immediatly dreams up an extra ‘t’ ;-) And so I thought the toilet issue went a bit further than I initially thought.

  3. People don’t really wait for green in A’dam either – they too just cross the street. Only in Denmark people generally see the sense in waiting for green – and usually with less reason in A’dam and London. ;-)

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