Life ? Don’t talk to me about life.

The Making Of The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy bookI am the first one to admit that it has been a tough week. But on the other hand, one can’t expect to have everything in place in a week either. I am not looking forward to return to Denmark at all, but I have to (I am all packed and ready to leave Woodgreen in 15 minutes from now). I know the upcoming week will, if possible, be even more hectic than this one. And in about a week and a day or two I will be back in London again, this time for a longer period. For a second attempt.
But I am slightly worried and my state of mind has been going up and down like a roller coaster, from deep down Marvin to sky high Humma Kuvula.

And what do girls do when they feel bad ? Exactly – they go shopping.

So I went to WH Smith, without really knowing what to buy, but I was going to buy something, because I needed something Londonish to take home. One thing was a map of London, which is good to have. And while wandering around, just killing my time, because I am waiting to leave for the airport – there it was. I have been willing to buy it for ages now, and was close to doing it in November in the Science Museum. But maybe it was good I waited. Because there it was, their very last copy, looking at me as if saying – Ok here I am, buy me, and I will bring you good luck!

And who could resist that, I am willing to believe everything. So I bought 184 pages of instant happiness : the The Making Of The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy book. It really is a very cool book (if you are a fan, which I am obviously), with a lot of background information on the film, and a lot of details about the actors, the props they used, and things like the Heart of Gold, and most importantly The Infinite ImprobaBILLity Drive. And more pics of Slarti of course.

It’s quite a big and heavy book. And how smart that I have bought it now. Only to take it home to Denmark, to take it back to London again the week after. As if I didn’t have stuff enough to take with me already!

I could of course leave it in Woodgreen, but if I am very lucky (very very lucky, which I am probably not, as I am a bit low on luck at the moment) I will not return to Woodgreen. My superstitious mind tells me that I should not have written this, as it will cause bad luck, but what the heck. One day it has to turn.

2 thoughts to “Life ? Don’t talk to me about life.”

  1. Like you say, what the heck! You have to believe in it (and I don’t mean superstition) otherwise it will never work. Of zoals Robyn Hitchcock het zo fraai zei: “If you believe in nothing, honey It believes in you”

  2. Who is Robyn Hitchcock? I saw a documentary recently on Syd Barrett which featured an interview with Robyn Hitchcock who played Syd Barrett’s song Dominoes. I had never heard of Robyn Hitchcock before.

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