What do you do …

Love+Rock Postcard

I am participating in this game. Every day someone comes knocking at my door to get something from my flat. So my tv has been picked up, and the most of my lamps. So I am using my christmas lights (I feel it in my fingers …) again for a while, until I have to get rid of those too, which is tomorrow. They don’t give an enormous amount of light, but it sure is cosy. I might even dig up my Love Actually DVD and watch it. (Ofcourse that one is part of my first-three-months-in-London-survival-kit).

Radio ? Gone. Dinner table ? Gone. Comfortable sitting chair ? Not here anymore. Sofa ? Will be picked up tomorrow, so after that I have to sit on the floor. Now that isn’t all too bad, I know what I am doing it for. But there is one slight problem. Everything that I haven’t saved in other places will be picked up monday afternoon, and be sold for charity. One of those things is my bed, but I have to spent one more night in my flat monday night. Let’s see how creative I can be with some cardboard boxes and some leftover bubble plastic. Luckily the heater still works.

So what do you do … when more or less the only fun thing left is your computer. Well, you draw a postcard.

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  1. Yes Robert – I wrote this post long before you came up with this genious idea. But I am definetely going to do just that !! Thanks for the tip ! :D

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