May the force …

I deserve a short break. I have just delivered 4 monster bags full of clothes to the Danish Red Cross, and the most amazing thing is that all my clothes now fit in three (rather big but still!) bags. One of them goes with me to London, the other two have to wait a bit.

One other extraordinary thing is that I just have ironed three of my shirts. It was probably the very first time I ironed something in at least 1.5 years. But I was thinking that it maybe was a good idea to take some nice clothes with me, to wear on jobinterviews (need to score some soon!). I don’t know how the Brits are in that matter, but better not taking the risk of showing up in my sneakers and a Hitchhikers t-shirt. I will show up in those after I have signed the contract. So I found my ironer and ironed them, and now they are nice again.

While ironing (which is a very relaxing task by the way) I suddenly realized where George Lucas got his Darth Vader inspiration from. As my (steam) ironer sounds exactly like Darth Vader. I even for a moment thought it was talking to me. But despite a dark postcard yesterday (but with a bright message) I have no plans to move over to The Dark Side.

May the force be with you ! And me, if possible, I need it in this hectic period.

2 more nights in Denmark, it’s coming scaringly close.

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  1. English people shure love nice clothes, not the danishlike clothes, no openair shoes , they are more dignified than danish ;-)

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