Welcome back

And he said “Oh welcome back!”.
“Well, thank You very much, it’s nice to be back ! And this time I will stay in London”.
“Oh yeah, you were the Danish girl right ?”.
“Well, the Dutch girl from Denmark, yes indeed”.
“I remember” he said, “the European girl !”.
“Yes”, I said smiling at him (and quite impressed) “that’s what I like about London, the mixture of cultures, all the different languages”.
And he said “Yes that is a good thing about London”.
“Welcome back, and Welcome to London” he said smiling at me.
“Thank you. I will be back here often, I love this place”.
“You are welcome”.
He smiled and I smiled and outside the sun was shining.

Who he was ? He was the owner.
And one day I have to have a talk with him about TGITC.

5 thoughts to “Welcome back”

  1. Sounds very nice, I will definately check out the cafe when in London…

    How’s your job search working out Ingrid?

  2. Yes check out the cafe, ’cause it is really nice.

    Job search : i am working on it fulltime. Had 2 interviews yesterday which went well, but I am competing with other candidates, so let’s see how it ends. And there are more things in the pipeline. So I expect something to come up somewhere in the next few weeks.
    Those things take time, but I am a bit more optimistic now, as more and more recruiters are starting to call me.

  3. I really wish you the best of luck Ingrid, you doing something I dreamed about doing years ago – but feared to take the first step abroad…

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