A week in London – a wrapup

The Milleniumbridge with St. Pauls Cathedral in the background
The Milleniumbridge with St. Pauls Cathedral in the background

If you are sick and tired of reading about London already : you can skip the rest of this post.

I have found a room on the most amazing location in London. I decided not to settle for just any room, said no to a couple of them, dared to wait for the one that “felt right”, and surprisingly it suddenly popped up. More about that later. But I am leaving Wood Green on saturday. Not something I am particulary sad about.

I have been to 2 jobinterviews, I am still waiting for an answer to both of them. And will have 2 jobinterviews more this week too. Some day, a job should pop up somewhere.

I have seen Gideon’s Daughter several times now, and even though I didn’t think it was as good as The Lost Prince (another Poliakoff drama), and certainly not as intense as The Girl In The Cafe (I didn’t need oxygene after Gideon), Bill was playing the main role (enjoyable, loveable, charming as always), he was wearing a tuxedo most of the time (and he looks so cool in it), and he is a great actor to watch in whatever role, so I was very happy to see it.

I found out that the Cinema ticketprizes on Leicester Square are twice as high as the ones in Covent Garden (a 5 minute walk from Leicester Square). And even though Screen 1 in the Empire Cinema is incredible (as in BIG, excellent chairs that can lean back, beautiful ceiling with little twinkling stars lights in it, and THE place for big UK premiere with loads of celebrities coming), I will consider choosing Covent Garden more often.

I have seen Walk The Line, The Weather Man and Capote recently. And even though they were ok all of them, none of them really impressed me. Or touched me. Brokeback Mountain should have won the Oscar for best film for sure.

I have read the most funny and hilarious book in long time : Date Expectations– The Guardian : Date Expectations is, quite simply, the funniest non-fiction book you will read this year.
I have laughed so much about this book, that people in the underground looked funny at me a lot of times.

Bill’s claws are sharp. And no I haven’t told him I am moving yet. I am waiting for the right moment …

I can already recommend you one very nice place to eat in London, good food, also a lot of veggie dishes, and the prices are very reasonable.

My second favorite place to be after The Cafe is certainly the cafe in Tate Modern. Located on their 7th floor, the cafe has huge windows – the view from Tate really is something I love about London. You can see the Millenium bridge (one of my favorite ones), look directly at St. Pauls Cathedral and the Thames and loads of other things. It is nice sitting there (free entry!) doing something so Londonish as drinking a cup of English tea (with milk) reading the Guardian.

From Tate you can take a very nice walk along the Thames Path, all the way down to the London Eye, or even further if you would like to.

Am I happy being here ? I certainly think so. Now all I need is a job.

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