Things you might or might not know

Some absolutely worthless information about London.

  • There is both a Denmark Hill and a Holland Park in London
  • It is absolutely impossible to find a garbage bin on any of the big train/underground stations (terror fear)
  • The “One sexual reference” warning on the filmlisting for The Weather Man is just way cute. I have been watching the film closely, but what do they mean “sexual reference” – was it were Nicolas Cage said “fuck” ? Or what ?
  • And so is the overprotectiveness everywhere.
    “Ladies and Gentlemen, because of the weather conditions (it rained), the floor in Victoria Station might be wet and slippery. Please be careful”.
  • “Be vigilant and alert. Report anything suspicious to a member of the railway staff”
  • Unexpectedly I passed the “Home of Chrystal Palace Football Club” today. “100 years of Passion & Pride”. A big smile on my face ’cause I know who’s a very big Chrystal Palace fan.
  • The Big Ben is not really the Big Ben. The tower itself is just called The Clock Tower. It is only one of the bells inside the clock tower that is called Big Ben.

I’m off to my theatre group.

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