Big Ben, the Thames, The Busses red

The Girl quite close to the Cafe

The phone on Monday.

“Ingrid, erhm, welcome to London …”. That voice.

And I said “B. ! That’s a long time ago. You been busy ?”
“Yeah, Gideon, The Armstrongs, and those furry little animals”
“Oh yeah, look forward to that, the first series were great!”
“But you’re still looking for a room, right ?”
“Yes, Wood Green isn’t the most funky place to live, and I have to move out on Tuesday”.
“All right then, so I called Liz”
“Liz ??”
“Yes Liz, and she checked the area a bit, and well, do you like The Big Ben ?”
“Well yeah I do !” I said quite astonished.
“Well you better, as you are going to hear him a lot …”
“But ..”
“Yeah Westminster, walking distance to Victoria Station, St. James Park station, Westminster Station, Pimlico Station”.
“Goodness B. I …”
But he went on “Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Houses of Parliament, Tate Brittain, the Thames…”
“B. !” I stopped him. “I can’t believe it !”
“Hey, don’t mention it. Liz owned me a favour or two. You can move in on Saturday”.
“Man, thanks so much ! I owe you, big time !”
“Oh one more thing, you know The Cafe ?”
“Yes !?!”
“It’s about a 1.5 mile walk from where you are going to live. And while we are at it, The Old Vic, you seem to like that Kevin guy, about the same distance. Thought you would like that”.
“Enjoy London. Gotta run!”
Off he went, I sat down and I couldn’t believe it.
The girl is moving to a top notch location, in the very centre of London, Zone 1.
How lucky can you really be.

Wanna see it on the map :
Here you go. The green arrow is where I am going to live, the red one is The Cafe. (Oh and do click on Satellite and Hybrid on Google Map, it is a very cool feature!)

Big Ben, The Thames, the busses red
That poem is getting more true for every day I am here.

5 thoughts to “Big Ben, the Thames, The Busses red”

  1. Yeah, right,
    that’s a bloody good idea,
    always avoid walking
    through parks
    on your way
    to the cafe

  2. Oh yeah, I suddenly see that, that’s probably because Google Maps is optimized for cars. So that means that the walking distance is even shorter, following the border of St. James Park. :-)

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