I’m lovin’ it

I'm lovin' it

If you happen to live in Denmark, and you do visit McDonalds somewhere the coming period, you might meet The Girl there. Not that I recommend you to eat there too often, but the 2 first The Girl cards should be available in McDonalds restaurants in Denmark. They will also appear in cafe’s soon.

If anyone spots any of my cards on a go card stand, I would be grateful to hear from you! A picture of it would be even cooler !

The Girl in the Mc Donald’s, I’m lovin’ it …

7 thoughts to “I’m lovin’ it”

  1. I’ll report if I see any around… :) What time should they be shippet to cafe’s around ? And do you know which cafe’s they are coming to?

  2. @Dan : I think I will get message from Go-Card when they are going to be distributed to the cafe’s in Denmark, it is another distribution channel than McDonalds is using. I will ask them if they have a list of which cafe’s somewhere, in Aarhus most cafe’s had Go-cards though.

  3. Hi Ingrid
    I’ll definitely let you know if I spot them in ?rhus, and I’ll send you a photo as well. By the way still plenty of snow in ?rhus, and -10 degrees at night. Planning to watch TGITC tonight, looking forward.

  4. Nou, ik zal je zeggen, de laatste keer zat ik bij mcdonalds bij de deur naar het speelpleintje. Iedere keer kreeg ik dus die koude vlaag over me heen en had ik de neiging om Shu t’adore!

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