Bye bye, Wood Green

I’m packed and ready to move to my new room in Westminster. This should be a rather easy thing to do if it wasn’t for Bill the Cat. I already brought most of my stuff to Westminster, but my last small suitcase is still here, and so is my laptop.

It’s nearly like he knows what is going on, as he has been sitting on my suitcase all the time, and he is looking at me like “OK so you are leaving, but you didn’t think about leaving without me this time now did you ?”

I have done the hard say-goodbye-talk already, trying to explain to him that I need to move on. That it has been so cold and depressing in Wood Green. And that if he hadn’t been there, that it would have been a pretty crappy experience. And that he is always welcome to visit me on Page Street, always. I could take him for a walk to Buckingham Palace or the London Eye, whatever he wanted. But he just doesn’t want me to go. It’s heartbreaking. But I have to be tough.

There isn’t any wireless internetconnection in my room in Page Street yet. Maybe there are some unprotected wireless networks in the area I can hook up on. If not there is an internetcafe close by, and there is always the old fashioned telephone line. So hopefully I can get connected somehow, as it is a neccesity when looking for a job.

Bye to Wood Green. And hopefully soon a hello from Westminster.

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