Hello from Westminster, sort of

As I am actually sitting in the internetcafe on Piccadilly Circus, close to the Cafe. I will try to order a wireless broadband connection as soon as possible this week, I have no idea how long it will take, hopefully not long. The room in Westminster is great, but without a tv and without internet, I become a bit crazy.

I have a very very very important 2nd interview tomorrow, so if you are boring yourself at 3.00 pm (dutch time) beam some positive vibes over to London, as I really really need them.

Posting here will be irregular the coming week, but as soon as I am online from home I will catch up on that, as I have loads of things to write about.

3 thoughts to “Hello from Westminster, sort of”

  1. We pray to God, Alah and Budah for you. I would already go nuts with looking so long for a job. All the luck!

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