Whoa-oa-oa !

Whoa-oa-oa! I feel good, I knew that I would, now
I feel good, I knew that I would, now
So good, so good,

Thanks to everybody who has send me good vibes, because it worked !! I got offered a job today, and am I the most happy person in the Universe at the moment.

Some notes on the whole process:
– I have send an enormous amount of jobapplications and CV’s, and I have never heard anything back of about 90% of them.
– I think I have been to about 10 job interviews totally. The rejections were tough, but I kept my determination. Also tough was the fact that even agencies like Randstad or Adecco didn’t want me because I am not a secretary type. So I had to focus on an IT job.

– I used on of those “we’ll turn your CV in a UK targeted CV” services, because I thought that would help me. I got my UK version CV back from them after paying 20 Pound and they had turned it into the most boring CV I have ever seen. They had removed every personal piece of information from it, and it was now a CV like a million other CV’s. And so I decided not to use it. It has been a complete waste of money.

– In stead I used my original CV, stating my passion for film and theater, writing about my Bill Nighy interest and website, and my TV-2 website, and mentioning The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy as my favourite book. And I also added my favourite quotes to it (I’d rather be happy than right – Slartibartfast) and (To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself. – ~S?ren Kierkegaard)
Some companies I have talked to really appreciated that, and it also gave us something else to talk about than just pure work related stuff.

– As a lot of companies I have been to are internet/web development companies – so I quickly changed my “very nice clothes” for a more casual style. And here is the best thing : I got the job wearing my Love Actually t-shirt and a pair of sneakers. I love that, as that is exactly who I am. (It is a dark version of the Love Actually t-shirt, so it wasn’t that obvious to see, but it made me feel good to have it on – how crazy do you think I am now huh ?)

I am going to The Cafe now, to drink a cup of tea, and to see a movie. I am a little bit proud about the fact that I really made this step. I moved to London, found the most amazing place to life, and now I have found a job.

Without the stress of hunting for a job, I am now seriously going to enjoy London, as it is such a beautiful city to be in, and I feel so much at home already.

Sorry about the messy post, but I am still flying.

Love Actually on a t-shirt got me a job in London. I’m lovin’ it.

16 thoughts to “Whoa-oa-oa !”

  1. Congratulations Ingrid… Glad for you that it all worked out in the end… Is it a interresting job? :D

  2. O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!’
    He chortled in his joy.

    Never doubted it, but hey, this is great! Celebrate, it would be so nice (uhm, sorry).

  3. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    So … what is it?

  4. Great indeed.. but what’s the job? What are you going to do? Program? Design? Flash? XML? PHP? Write articles? Come on… tell us… we’re curious…

  5. Hi Ingrid. I’m so glad that everything has turned out be to great for you in London ;-) Many greetings to you from Aarhus, Denmark…

    PS : did you watch Danish Music Awards on danish tv on saturday night ? “Our” band, TV-2, won four (4) awards….

  6. Congrats. And greetings from a very cold and winterly ?rhus…-13 degrees last night!

  7. Congralulations and celebrations !
    The only thing you now have to do is to order that wireless broadband connection and you are sorted !

  8. Thanks a lot to all of you !

    About the job – I’ll return with more details a bit later (it is an IT job though). And the internetconnection – working on it !! :-)

  9. @Dorte : I read about tv-2 winning 4 awards, that’s truly fantastic ! Unfortunately I don’t have a tv yet, and if I had I wouldn’t be able to see danish tv I think :-) But hey, you can’t have it all !

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