2 weeks in London – a wrapup

I have only been here (not counting the single week I was here in February) 2 weeks now, but it feels so much longer. Especially the jobsearch – it felt like ages before I actually had success, and it has been stressfull, with sleepless nights and all, but looking back at it, 2 weeks is not that long really.

I moved from Wood Green in the North to Westminster in the center, which is such a cool place to live. I walked home from Westminster station yesterday and passed the Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and was really thinking about how incredibly lucky I have been to find this place.

Many Englishmen are true gentlemen. I have already experienced men holding the door open for me, holding an umbrella over my head, and also standing up and giving up their chair in the underground. Both Danish and Dutch men could learn from that !

It is weird not having to run around after jobinterviews and rooms any more, because that has been a full time occupation for me since I arrived. I can sleep a bit longer, and this afternoon I will visit (a part of – because it is soooo big) the British Museum.

I saw The World Fastest Indian (film with Anthony Hopkins , one of my favorite actors) yesterday, and it was fantastic. I probably liked it even more because it is about chasing your dreams and being determined – and to dare. Fantastic acting, and a truly beautiful film. Go see it – it makes you feel good.
I will soon signup for a monthly cinema membership, which allows me to see an unlimited number of films per month, I can’t wait.

Apart from that there is a long list of plays I want to see in the theatre, so it’s good I’ll receive some salary soon, because I have no problems spending it here.

In short : London is Lovely.

5 thoughts to “2 weeks in London – a wrapup”

  1. I am absolutely shocked by the string of good luck you have had.
    Perhaps you should try you hand at betting on the races.
    Easy money.
    not luck, you have been working hard at this and it is well deserved.
    You can serve as an example to the slow and narrow minded nitwits on how to accomplish things.
    Congratulations and thanks for sharing.
    Next time I’ll give up my seat in the tube for you.

  2. @Joachim – well thanks a lot, and you don’t have to give up your seat for me :-)

    @Yak : what does that mean ? It doesn’t sound nice …

  3. Well I am not obviously no, no chances on getting financial support here in London – which is absolutely fine by me by the way.

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