The Prince Charles Cinema

Yes, the cinemas on Leicester Square are incredibly expensive. But there is a way around that. Just 50 meters from Leicester Square there is The Prince Charles Cinema. This is an independent cinema and they are showing a lot of independent films, but they also show a lot of blockbusters after they have been running in the other cinemas for a few weeks. They are current running films like Harry Potter, King Kong but also pearls like Broken Flowers and Mrs. Henderson Presents. I saw Proof today with Anthony Hopkins, Gwenneth Palthrow and Jake Gyldenhaal (a bit weirdish film – but well acted).

Now let me tell you why you have to support this cinema : ticketprice ?3,= (ca. Euro 4.50) for evenings, and if you are as crazy as me being there in the daytime, tickets are ?1.50. On friday all tickets are ?1,= which is about 1.40 Euro. That’s completely amazing. The chairs are good, and so it the sound. So go visit it if you are ever in London, wanting to see a movie.

(Internet will be installed at home 1.5 weeks from now – until then – answers on emails will be a bit delayed – and postings will be chaotic as I can’t really write well under pressure (= the clock ticking in the internet cafe)).

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  1. @Rob – I have been thinking about that yes :-)

    @Yak – no hotspots where I live no. The internetcafe does have one, but there is no advantage in me carrying my laptop over there – over using one of their own pc’s. But one week and 2 days from now all will be good.

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