No is no

I didn’t believe that getting a bankaccount here in the UK would be the most difficult thing to get. But I do believe it now. I applied for a bankaccount sending them a recommendation letter from my current Danish bank, and a contact person over there they were welcome to call. But that letter probably didn’t even make it beyond the borders of bureaucraticy.

So they called me today, FirstDirect (don’t ever bank with them), to get some missing information. For the third time I gave them my address, my Danish bankaccount number, the address of my new employer etc. And after having spelled my last name for about the 10 th time – the woman just said – sorry but we can’t take you in as a customer.
Oh, ok I said. What’s wrong with my information ?
“I can’t tell you” she just said.
I couldn’t believe it. European citizen, recommendation letter from my previous bank, job, and a savings account to be transferred to them – and they didn’t want to have me as a customer ?
No they did not. And the worst thing – they didn’t want to tell me why not.
I could stamp on the floor and shout at them (which I nearly did) but she refused to tell me what was wrong and wished me good luck getting an account in another bank.
I can’t believe it. I thought I had had my share of rejections, but no sir. Well it is going to be exiting to see how to solve that problem, as it would be nice to actually have a possibility to get my salary paid somewhere.

Apart from that I feel a bit better, but not topfit yet. And I completely lost my appetite. The last 2 days I have only been eating/drinking apples, applejuice and blackberry juice. I simply can stand the thought of anything else. I dragged myself to the cinema, just to be out for a while (and saw another crappy film : The New World – gosh -how bad) . And while paying my ticket my eye felt upon those small Hagen Dazs (spelled wrong intentionally) icecups. And suddenly I just needed to have a Belgian Chocolate Icecream one. No I am waiting for my stomach to explode …

5 thoughts to “No is no”

  1. That sounds pretty annoying and reminds me the stories with some Danish banks. Foreigners that don’t stay long are considered too expensive to deal with.

    I am however surprised as one of my collagues just started working in the UK. He didn’t have any problems as far as I know. My best guess is that he took an account with the “Bank of Schotland.

  2. My dear Ingrid,

    I’d consider moving!! To Scotland, as Henk-Jan so kindly pointed out, where the atmosphere is so much more friendly when it comes to collecting money…
    Apart of this suggestion… sorry I was out of the picture for a bit… but caught up with your life whilst reading your stories… and would wish you all the best, but most of that is already happening… Keep it up…!


  3. Hi
    I’ve lived in the UK for 5 years, and had no problems getting an account…with the Bank of Scotland. Can only recommend them.

  4. Thanks ! I am going to give the Bank of Scotland a call right away. (The problems opening a bankaccount have become worse after the terror – they are just not too eager to have foreigners like me opening bankaccounts)

    @yak : Who me – or the woman from First Direct refusing me the account ?

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