Number of empty mountains

And now I am suddenly busy. I started my job which is nice, as it gets me into a more normal daily rhythm. Not that normal is good, normally it tends to be boring, but in this case it is good.

A few more days until I have my internetconnection at home, and then I will try to post some of the stuff and pictures I have been saving throughout the last week and a half. It is much.

In the mean time : I am currently working (at work that is) on a report called “Number of Empty Mountains”.

A big prize for the person who can guess what on earth that could be used for …

10 thoughts to “Number of empty mountains”

  1. I think it’s a report about (some) business activities that have lost the interest of the clients your company is dealing with.
    No one clims the mountain, therefor it’s empty.

  2. You know.
    I think we should put some mountains here.
    Otherwise, what are all the characters going to fall off of?
    — Laurie Anderson

  3. “Number of Empty Mountains”… Is it about all the business opportunities that look impossible to achieve, but when you look at it they’re not so impossible any more?

    ?Before practicing meditation, we see that mountains are mountains.
    When we start to practice, we see that mountains are no longer mountains.
    After practicing a while, we see that mountains are again mountains.
    Now the mountains are very free. Our mind is still with the mountains,
    but it is no longer bound to anything.?
    (Thich Nhat Hanh)

  4. I was up in the mountains in Kentucky… (Song for Two Jims)
    If memory serves correct.

    One day Mrs. Taylor told me that she used to have another
    kid, but that he had apparently fallen down one of the holes.
    Her description was very abstract! Nobody tried to rescue him.
    He just fell down the hole. She said: “Well one
    day I saw him out there
    and I was watching
    and then I didn’t see him out there no more.”

  5. Number of empty mountains… it has a dessolate mood… it cannot be good… not good at al… Geological empty, the current state of world economy, something that appears to be what it is not… it’s depressing… brr… Heard any good jokes there, Ingrid?


  6. The Analog mountain… from the hand of a French writer, died before he could finish it. Story about a mountain island that could not be reached due to an anomalie in the earth’s magnetic grid. I have it here….. somewhere…. worth reading though….

  7. There were a bunch of fantastic jokes in Bill Bailey’s show last Saturday, I can’t remember them though. As you know, the Brits can be very funny.

    There is no dessolate mood with me here, I feel very good in London.

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