Sigur Ros in Hammersmith Apollo

I am off to this long awaited concert in 2 minutes from now. I bought the ticket for this concert on the birthday of the man who is the reason I discovered them in the first place. And at that time the concert was very far away, and so was my move to London. But now months later, the day of the concert has arrived, and I am very much looking forward to it. It is sold out. And it feels so good to be able to say : I’ll hop on the tube and I’ll be there 15 minutes from now.

If they are going to play Staralfur (The song from The Girl In The Cafe film) live I am going to cry.

2 thoughts to “Sigur Ros in Hammersmith Apollo”

  1. I saw Sigur Ros about five years ago when they played together with Radiohead. Of course Radiohead was the main act, but I was more impressed by Sigur Ros. Especially the fact that the singer plays his guitar using a bow… Impressive!

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