Territorial Army

Territorial Army

“A lot of people think that the Territorial Army are not real soldiers. We are. We are well trained, highly disciplined fighting machines ready for war. We’re just not available during the week.” – Gareth from “The Office”

I think I am going to join, they are just around the corner where I live. And if you can meet types like Gareth there, who knows what might happen …

3 thoughts to “Territorial Army”

  1. I’ve been in the TA now for 25 years, I was call up for active duty in Iraq on the 25th July 2005. When I joined the the TA did I veer think I was going to get called up, not a chance but 24yrs later there I am on the front line getting shot at, bombed, mortared, spat at and stoned. whats was the difference between regular and TA at that time not on little bit. The enemy just see’s the green machine or this case the brown machine. If your thinking of joining the TA go for it. I’ve had 25 fantastic years one or to low points maybe but the majority high and I hope to have a few more still.

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