Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf
Canary Wharf – the spaceship, just landed

If you look through the Tower Bridge on this picture, you can see the skyscrapers in Canary Wharf. And that is where I went today.

It is fairly easy to get there, Canary Wharf is in the eastern part of London. If you are human you can just hop on the Jubilee Line to Canary Wharf tubestation. If you are a cosmic girl like me, you call Slartibartfast and ask him if you may lend his spaceship. He said yes.

And I actually landed right in front of the huge headoffice building of the HSBC bank. How convenient, as I had some papers to deliver.

Canary Wharf
Canary Wharf with HSBC head office building (199.5 meters high)

Canary Wharf is basically the place where big banks are competing about who has the most impressive and highest skyskraper. My HSBC bank is number 2, the building (the one on the right on the picture) is 199.5 meters high.
The area is clearly in development, and it looks very modern and future like.

It is not a very cosy area though. The big buildings are the main attraction, and if you like skyskrapers you might like to visit it. Apart from big buldings there is a big shoppingcenter (not very interesting) and a small park, where you, the weather being perfect still, without problems can sit down and read a bit in your book, while eating your Waitrose sandwich.

One funny fact:
The Radiohead song “Fake Plastic Trees” is about Canary Wharf.

More ?
Canary Wharf on wikipedia

Oh, one last thing, I saw this bird in Canary Wharf:

Canary Wharf

I am not sure, but doesn’t that look like birdflu to you ?

5 thoughts to “Canary Wharf”

  1. Although i would agree the futuristic, clean cutting lines of the skyscrapers are mismerising enough,(and go some way in providing us with some answers to where our cities architechture to going), to justife visiting the place, there are so many more things to discover about the place.

    There is a wrongly but commonly perceived grim and uneducated look of Canary wharf, a place where only cloned financial people and evil corborate firms live , with little or no other attractions within the estate to discover, HOW WRONG!

    There are in fact several areas of highly maintained
    and wonderful open spaces around the estate to explore and enjoy ( INCLUDING THE WORLD’S LARGEST ROOF GARDEN- Jubilee park and the uk’s most intensive area of GREEN ROOFS(7)), Canada Square Park, Cabot Square,Columbus Courtyard, The beautiful Westferry Circus Gardens, Montogomery Square along with stunning avenues. Paved with 50 THOUSAND bulbs planted in a single avenue nestled below mature trees (All trees between 35&50 years old) ranging from Englands natives including the humble English Oak to the London plain tree to Norway Maples to the precisely pruned Silver limes surrounding Cabot Square.

    Throughout the estate there are dozens of art pieces ranging from striking structures to poignant scultures, many are of permanent resident but a high multitude of new pieces go on display all year round.
    Specially commissioned gates, railings and gateways are found as you explore the complex.

    There are downloadable self guided walks that educate you about aspects of Canary Wharf,including the vast history and going on’s of the estate, improvements within the complex’s environment (including the plantatio of over 600 fully mature trees of 20 different species, plans for maroons, floating nests, bird boxes and wild areas), art works and more.

    There is a highly thought upon DOCKLANDS MUSEUM, giving you a great insight into the history, clearing and construction of the area, as well as future plans.

    Not only is there a nearby FISH MARKET but as a result of the growth of the estate a brand new PUBLIC LIBRARY is in construction and shall be open by this year (2008).

    There is a Stunning network totalling 2 miles of
    riverside walks where cafe’s, restaurants, bars and free street performances sit side by side. Its a place where sea birds, a local resident seal and an array of other beautful and inspiring forms of wildlife live and breath, within viewing distance.

    There is an impressive collection of 4 retail malls with every single shop you can imagine, from the modest chain store, to the designer high brow shops to the specialists, but also over 1oo bars and restaurants to dine and wine at, while you try to absorb every last wonderful moment, within this electrifing buzz of a place! Wonderful.

    Go and visit Canary wharf now.

  2. @Matt : thanks for what seems like a comment filled with passion about Canary Wharf! I go there regularly I must say but don’t know many of the things you mention in your comment. I will have to check some of them out next time!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. hi have any pictures of the “spaceship” with its lights on,??? i was involved in towing it to canary wharf frm were it was made, cowses on the isle of white,,,, 2000/01,

  4. i have seen an amazing photo of the “spaceship” being craned in through the skyscapers at night!
    it hangs in my uncles office, as it was his company that constructed it at newport on the i.o.w

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