By Night

London Cityhall
London by night, Cityhall on the left

“Hello Cityhall”, I said.
“Well hello, are you here again ?” he said. “And at this hour ?”
“Yes I am. ‘Cause weren’t you supposed to have poetry on you this night ?”

“What, don’t you like me, just as I am ?”
“Yes I love you, just-as-you-are, that was the whole reason I was there last Saturday, taking your pictures“.
“Oh” he said, and he got shy. “Well the poetry, they did project it on me earlier this night, but they shut it off rather early”.
“Wasn’t it supposed to be there until 10.30 pm every night this week ?”
“Yes, and I am so sorry you came all the way for nothing”.
“Oh don’t worry about it” I said, “I had a nice walk, it is a beautiful night, and London by night is not bad at all”.
“So listen” he said.
“If you walk towards the Tower Bridge, you’ll find my good friend. He sells freshly made sugercoated peanuts. Buy a bag of those, enjoy the walk over the London Bridge, and the view over London by night, and come back tomorrow. Hopefully I have poetry on me then”.
“Well I will enjoy the walk, but I can’t make it tomorrow, I have another appointment already”.
“Oh” he sounded very disappointed. “Maybe on Wednesday?” he said hesitatingly.
“Well, uhm I am going to a concert on Wednesday. If there are any tickets left”.
“Oh” he sounded sad now.
“You know what” I said “I can come on Thursday night, just before I travel to Holland. Will you have poetry on you then ?”
“I think so !” the Cityhall said. He sounded much happier already.
“Ok then, I will be back on Thursday, same time. See you there!”
“Looking forward to it!” I heard him say.

I turned around and winked to him. I think I actually saw him smile.
I walked towards the bridge, and he was right. A very friendly boy was selling freshly made sugarcoated peanuts. I bought a bag of them, they were still warm. I walked up the stairs up to the Tower Bridge (which is beautiful by night) and walked towards the other side of the Thames. Slowly, enjoying the lights of this big but friendly city, eating my peanuts, taking a few pictures here and there, watching the moon on a very clear sky, and just enjoying being here.

Not bad at all, a Monday evening walk in London.

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