Dico and Dingwalls and Camden

“Hey, you want skunk ?”
That was one of the first things people asked me when I hopped off the underground in Camden yesterday.
“No thanks” I said. I am crazy enough in my head already without that.

Camden, what can I say about Camden. Camden is in the north of London. Some really groovy people live in Camden, actually, the grooviest man in the Universe lives in Camden. Camden is known for it’s market which draws about 150.000 people to Camden every week. The market sells about everything you can imagine, and does resemble markets like the one on Waterloo plein in Amsterdam. In the weekends Camden is overloaded and you can walk over the heads, so to speak. On a Wednesday evening, around 19.30, Camden is nice and easy, not too busy. Camden has an alternative touch, and you can find punkers, and loads of tattoo and piercing shops there. Apart from that the Regent Canal is cutting right through Camden, and in the middle of Camden there is a lock, and a lot of cosy cafe’s near the water.

Stroll around in Camden if you have some hours to spare, but I would recommend you to do that on a weekday in stead of in the weekend, as it really is crazy busy.

The whole reason why I was in Camden in the first place was a concert of Tina Dico This Danish songwriter moved from Aarhus to London 4 years ago, and she is fantastic live. I have seen her several times before, in her (and my ex) hometown Aarhus, and it always is a fantastic experience. She more or less did the same thing as I did, leave everything behind, and move to a new city (London), where you don’t know anyone or anything at all. Needless to say that her lyrics are very recognizable for me.

She played in Dingwalls in Camden, just beside the dock actually. Dingwalls is a really cool and cosy place for a concert, and added to my list of things to keep an eye on in London (that list is growing rapidly). The support act was a kind of surprise, as I didn’t know there was one, but there was and his name was Teitur and I am sorry to say that he was even more disappointing than the last time I saw him (in dutch I’m sorry).

Luckily Tina Dico gave such a fantastic concert again, that I quickly had forgotten all about Teitur. And I was moved and impressed and ecstatic and high (without the skunk) while enjoying this fabulous concert. She is getting more feet on the ground in the UK, the BBC has been playing her latest album quite a bit, and if you haven’t checked her out yet, you should do that right now, otherwise I’ll come after you.

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  1. Yay, a fan of Bill is a friend of mine :-)

    He is very slimey and sneaky in The Constant Gardener, but nevertheless groovy in that one too.

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