Google Calendar – funky

I was waiting for it, the Google Calendar, and now it is here. I have been a big fan of Google Mail, compared to Yahoo mail, I like the clean Google interface. And even though Google has ads on their system too, it doesn’t look as ugly as Yahoo. And the design of the Google Calender is slick, and it works very fast.

I hadn’t expected Google Calender to come this fast, and therefor I recently started using 30 Boxes, which is definetely a good alternative. There are actually a few options from which Google should incorporate in their product : tagging your events, and the possibility of importing an RSS feed.

Googles Calendar on the other hand looks very nice, the print options is good, it is going to be integrated with Google mail (or is already?), and it is going to be interesting if they can get companies, cinemas etc. as far as offering their events as Google calendar events to be added to your calendar. That would really be smart.

You can also share your calendar. Now I won’t share my personal calendar with you, but as you can create several calendars, I have made a seperate one for events in London, which I already made shareable, and maybe will incorporate on this site. (Yes you can somehow get an RSS feed out of your Google calendar).

The calendar is really fresh, as I have seen several changes to the interface already, seems like Google is constantly tinkering still.

I don’t really know why I am raving about Google in the first place, as my website still isn’t indexed by them after nearly half a year. Losers !

(If anyone needs an invite to Gmail, let me know. It’s needed to use Google Calendar).

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  1. haven’t stopped by in several weeks, needed to see how your doing in your new city. looks like you’re on a wonderful exciting journey! i found the interviews and listened today, at work. thank you for sharing your thoughts, your finds, poetry, etc. helped a total stranger get through her dreary day. thank you once more.

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