Yak Attack

Guards at Buckingham Palace
Guards at Buckingham Palace

It is a very weird idea, but tonight I will be in a theatre in Utrecht to see him, yes one of these tickets is mine. I think it’s going to be good. Not only the theatre, but also a few relaxing days with family, after a hectic startup period in London.

Won’t be much writing here during the weekend I think, so here’s a picture with lots of men in lots of uniforms to look at, while I am away.

Enjoy you Easter Holidays, and to you dear London:

I’ll be home on a Monday,
somewhere around noon,
please don’t be angry,
I’ll be back with you real soon.

(Little River Band)

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  1. hey all .. check out brandi carlile..just a new artist i heard on XM…”follow”..dark/sad..but as usual..beautiful.

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