5 reasons why it’s good

St. Paul's Cathedral
St. Paul’s Cathedral

to be back in London.

  • Because spring is here and the sunlight always shines … (it’s true!)
  • Because I talked to a Chelsea Bun this morning, and after that, I had him for breakfast …
  • Because I tried my bankcard and pincode (from the Hitchhikers and Spacetravellers Banking Centre) for the first time yesterday at Liverpool St station. It worked and I actually managed to pay something with it! (That must give me some points on the “becoming-a-Londoner” list …)
  • Because Jamie Cullum, is going to play a concert at the Tower of London in July.
    Cityhall is going to love that, as he can both hear it and see it from where he is. And (even though it is stinking expensive) I am going to buy a ticket (with my Hitchhikers card) for it. Talking about the Cityhall, I went back last Thursday (of course I did, you never let a friend down), but still no poetry projection on the Cityhall. I even went to Covent Garden where there was supposed to be poetry on a wall too, but nothing there either. Even though I was there far before 11pm (which was supposed to be the closing time) I guess they decided to close it down earlier. Too bad.

    Liking Jamie Cullum has earned me some major minus points here at work, but saying that I hated James Blunt (not entirely true but close, and I need to think about my image) more or less got me back on track again. I have promised to come with some decent Danish music for our company jukebox, and I will also give them Billy Mack. If that doesn’t give me any major credits I don’t know what will. Or rather : if that doesn’t give me any major credits, I quit.

  • Because I now know 4 things about London:
    • He comes from here. And lots of other groovy, tall and handsome Brits live here too, and their accent is better than chocolate. I’ll introduce you to one of them very soon.
    • I know where the best chocolate shop is (Camden is obviously a place for good stuff)
    • I got a tip of where to find the best Italian Icecream shop (now we’re talking – and there won’t go long before I check that out, Chocolate is fine, but Italian icecream is a neccesity in (my) life)
    • Zips probably do shrink in London, after I have visited those two places

5 thoughts to “5 reasons why it’s good”

  1. Great idea, I hadn’t really thought of Nephew. But since most of the developers here are huge Starwars fans, Darth Vader is going to give me points, I’m sure :-)

  2. And by the way I have been looking for your post cards around cafe’s at ?sterbro but havent been able to find any yet…

  3. @Dan : is there any place where I can hear your music ?

    My postcards have been spotted in the MacD in ?rhus, that is all I know, but I will ask them if they have been distributed to cafe’s too already.

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