Macky Mack

Billy Mack is macky

From the official UK slang dictionary:

1. Mack vt macked; or’
1: to flirt with, make passes at “That fool macked on me!”
2. to make out with – syn get busy, get down, get your groove on

2 Mack (noun)
1. a male adept of sexual attraction – syn hotpepper, pimp, playboy – a mack daddy, a mackier mack
1 b: the newest, most fashionable
2: sexual activity “i need to get my mack on”

It took me exactly 4 weeks (slow I know, I am out of practise, but still) to mack my collegue, the one controlling the company jukebox and therefor controlling what music we get to hear here, as follows:

I get him a cup of English tea, with milk.
He plays me Christmas is all Around by Billy Mack.

Very Macky indeed.

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