You want wannabe celebs ?

At the movies
At the movies, filmpremiere on Leicester Square, London

You got them.
As the girl (on her way to tkts to score a cheap theatre ticket, but they were already closed at 19.00pm so instead I) ended in the middle of a film premiere on Leicester Square. Rollin’ with the nines the film is called.
Now take a good look, do you see them, the celebs ?

I really don’t. Probably because it is a B-film, and there aren’t any real stars in it. But there were paparazzi’s (look on the left) and they took pictures of some of the people arriving (probably the stars). And there were wannabe-celebs-please-photograph-me, people (just beside the papparazzi’s) just standing there as if they were waiting for someone. Which they didn’t, they just wanted to be seen.

And there were people in red carpet dresses, or can you call it dresses at all ? As the dresses didn’t cover that much of their body, to say it nicely. I wondered why they had bothered to put clothes on at all, yes they were small indeed. And I think they had had some work done too, on their (front mostly) body, if you know what I mean.

But the “stars” of the film, did do their poses in front of the photographers, some even more “uncool” than others. And I suddenly understand (as I had never been to a premiere before) why real stars behave like loonies when they are asked to pose for the 500th time. ‘Cause what a circus it really is, such a premiere. It’s more about being seen than about a film.

That doesn’t mean I am not going (to try) to attend the premiere of Pirates in July. I mean Johnny and Bill may behave as looney as they want, I am going to swoon anyway.

6 thoughts to “You want wannabe celebs ?”

  1. Volgens IMDB speelt Bill Murray in “Rolling with the nines”. Die zou ik toch wel toch de celebs rekenen.

  2. Yeah well, it’s is not the great Bill Murray though. Brits tend to use Bill for a lot of names, Billy is obviously one of them. William (as in Nighy) is another.

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