Warning Sign
Warning sign

– Do you work round here?
– Yes.
-It has its moments
A lot of paper.A lot of pens.

That immediately came to my mind, when I entered the Toothing Jobcentre Plus Office (cool name huh?) to have my interview to get a National Insurance number. (Needed to be able to pay incometax – why do I want that in the first place ?)
But after a lot of questions, digging in my past, and a lot of pens and a lot of papers, well they always end up asking the obvious question : “Why did I come to London ?”
And everytime someone ask me that – I don’t have a clear answer. Not one than fits on a form like that anyway. As the real answer being “Ehrm, well I saw this film, and, bla bla bla bla bla, and I got a hunch that London could be a funky place to live, and so – here I am.”

See I am probably never going to get a NI number with an answer like that. So the answer ended up being “To Work”. Gosh, how boring. And I know it isn’t true.
But she seemed to be satisfied with this answer, and looked through all the papers, proving I was the girl, and saw my bank note. “Ahhh, HSBC bank” she said.
“Yeah” I said, “so would it be possible to get an NI number with “42” in it?”

It will take them 8 weeks to decide if they are going to give me an NI number or not. Did I overdo it with the “42” ?

2 thoughts to “TGITC NI”

  1. Don’t worry I’m sure they’ll give a nice girl like you an NI number. They are looking forward to receiving your hard-earned income tax and NI contributions. Then you’ll be moaning about it like the rest of us. ;-)

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