A minor The Girl postcard newsflash

The GirlThe GirlThe Girl

Mainly for readers in Denmark :
I just got confirmed from Go-Card that The Girl cards 1 + 2 haven’t been out in any cafe’s yet !
The Girl has only been enjoying McFlurries (as she adores Icecream) in the MacDonalds restaurants in Denmark until now.

On Thursday (2 days from now) the cards will be printed for Cafe distribution. And they will be distributed to The Cafe’s in the coming 2 months.

Sorry to all of you who have been looking out for The Girl in The Cafe’s ! I didn’t really know that MacD was so far ahead in receiving the cards.

So – have a look the coming weeks, if you want to meet The Girl In The Cafe. I have to say : I still think it’s incredibly cool that The Girl is going to be in the Cafe’s. And I would still like to hear from anyone who spots her in a Go Card stand. A picture of it would be ultimately cool !

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