Open your ears and let the light in

(And no it is not him this time).
Close your eyes and press play.


No better to press play first, and then close your eyes. Be enchanted by the sound, and wonder why you had never realized that the banjo is such a beautiful instrument. And that you can get completely ecstatic in just about 1 minute and 14 seconds. It brightens up your day, the sun shines a bit brighter, or the rain momentarily stops falling.

Liked it ? Feel free to press play again, it’s on the house.

I don’t know why it took me so long to get it, but now it has arrived, and here it is for you to hear.

If you recognize it (just by hearing it, not by googling or anything else smart), you earn a lot of my respect, and I’ll buy you a cup of tea in The Cafe if you ever come to London. (Some persons (you know who you are) are not allowed to answer though – because I know that you know – and if you don’t I’m disappointed).

And through the computerscreens the girl can see into the rooms, and she sees the faces of the people when they press play and hear this song. Some faces light up with joy, and some face are just nodding, and thinking – this girl – her musictaste – it is just weird, and so is she.
Which of the two were you ? Don’t lie, remember I could see you …

7 thoughts to “Open your ears and let the light in”

  1. Ha! The banjoplayer’s Guide to the Galaxy! At the very start I thought it was 16 Horsepower (and maybe it was and they’re fans as well?), but then the nodding and the smile came. I like your taste in music.

  2. Guessed it! No kiddin’ – Even before i read Edwinek’s comment. Suppose you have the old BBC recordings, though i don’t remember the theme played with a banjo. I really enjoy your observations, and hope to claim the tea sometime…

  3. @Yak – thanks for sharing ! Now I really am going to listen to the radio version. Who is the man with the chocolate voice by the way ? I like his voice. A lot.

    @Stig – Well done ! About the BBC recordings, they are being warped to my pc at the moment. So I have never heard them, but I will now! The tea – you’re welcome. :-)

    @Edwinek : Earthling – what are you doing up so early ! :-)

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