Cruise Control

Mission Impossible London
Hey, isn’t that …. Yes indeed it is.

I was a bit too early for my fast Victoria train home from work, and in stead of waiting for it, I decided to try something different. And that ended, well, rather surprising. Definitely not the last time I will change my daily routine. This was fun. As I ran into him.

I jumped on the slow Bedford train, also going to London but more to East London. And a very slow train, which is nice, as I like sitting in the train, either staring out of the window watching the world go by, or writing. The Bedford train also passed Elephant & Castle station, a train and underground station I have been wanting to visit. Mainly because of it’s name. And to be honest, the name turned out to be the best thing about this station as it wasn’t really a station that will end high on my list of favorite tubestations in London. There wasn’t so much special about it. So after a short visit to Elephant & Castle I jumped on the Bakerloo line to Piccadilly Circus. Just for a walk. And during my walk, I just happened to run into Tom Cruise. Or rather, into the fence, that kept people from crunching Tom Cruise, as there were really many people standing on Leicester Square. It was the official red carpet London premiere of Mission Impossible III. And let’s say that there were slightly more people than last week.

Here are 5 things about Tom Cruise:

He is so small! I knew he was small, everybody knows that, but in real life he is even smaller. And his huge bodyguards gave it an even bigger contrast.

A free advice from me to Tom : drop the chewinggum chewing. If you can’t chew it discretely, throw it out, as it is so uncool. And it is such a turnoff. Your sunglasses (the sun wasn’t exactly shining at 20.00) weren’t cool either, but I understand why you have them on. You would have been blinded by the constant wave of flash lights if you hadn’t. B. sends his regards by the way.

His mobile phone went off all-the-time. His wife checking up on him? His new born daughter checking up on him? His agent asking him when he was going to get into the Odeon cinema, as the whole cinema was waiting for him to see the film? We will never know, but he talked a lot on the phone, while writing even more autographs.

Tom is truly nice for his fans. Really. Of course Leicester Square was packed with people and screaming girls who wanted his autograph, and take his picture and touch him, and take him home. And he took a whole round past the whole length of the fence (and it was long and it took more than an hour). He wrote autographs on Top Gun posters, and on War of the World postcards, on arms and in notebooks, and on I don’t know what. And he posed a lot of places to let us loonies take pictures, and he smiled all the time. He was truly nice actually, bonuspoints for Tom.

More bonus points for Tom, for casting Phillip Seymour Hoffman as the villain in this new Mission Impossible. Brilliant, can’t wait to see him (PSH is getting cooler by the week nearly). And even more bonus points for casting Simon Pegg in this film. And you probably don’t know him (he wrote and played the lead in Shaun of the Dead together with Bill), but he is a Brit, and a very funny guy. He doesn’t have a major role in MI iii, but keep an eye out for him.

So – taking another train drove me in the arms of Tom Cruise. I am going to try that again, who knows in which arms I end up next time. London really isn’t that bad a place to be you know …

4 thoughts to “Cruise Control”

  1. I sooooooooooooo do not like Tom Cruise. He’s evil, we just don’t ‘know’ it yet ;o)

  2. Maybe he has been behaving a bit “different” lately. But

    1. I don’t know the guy personally
    2. Don’t believe everything you read in the newspapers, I certainly don’t. Scientology or not, for my sake everybody may believe in/practise any religion/believes/whatever he or she likes.

    3. He really was very nice to his fans, I saw that myself

    4. He is a fantastic actor. And isn’t that, in the end, what it should be about ?

  3. maybe he wat chewing the “nageboorte”of his daugther, he promised to do that.
    I like him too.

  4. I have read the original interview with him joking about eating the placenta as a comment on what had been said in the press about Katie being given a pacifier for grownups. The context was gone in 2 hours when half of that story went around the globe.
    I have seen dozens of interviews with the guy and the way he interacts with people, even apart from recently spreading his beliefs everywhere and talking scientologie to anyone who likes to hear, is a studied performance. He uses his physical being to get results with other people. He touches, winks, laughs, looks people in the the eye just a bit too long, all that to get the reaction he is looking for. It’s no warm or loving manner of behavior, it’s mechanical. And he’s getting worse….That guy is not Thomas Mapother Cruise the 4th, it’s Tom Cruise the scientology robot !

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