After the NI interview I had to get to work. Yes, life is tough in London.

I went back to Tooting Bec tubestation, and placed myself in front of the small window of the Information/Assistance desk. My eyes met the friendly eyes of the Assistance man. I asked him how I could get to Croydon the fastest way, back to Victoria and a fast train from there, or could I maybe take a train from Balham, the closest National Railway station ?


And he had this heavenly voice. A chocolate for the ears voice. A voice consisting of a cup of Peter Jones, two tablespoons of Stephen Fry, and a whole bottle of Nighy. The perfect English accent, not Cockney, but distinguished, without being posh.

So I just stood there in front of his window, indulging it all with my ears, not hearing a thing he said, but just thinking – man, I love your voice and accent.

He explained it very detailed. I managed to snap up things like “elevator”, “National Rail”, “Caterham”, “Croydon” and “Balham” in the moments where I had som slight earth contact.

He looked at me, and I suddenly realised that he had stopped talking.
And how foolish I must have looked, just looking at him like that.
“Ehrm….., ehrm Balham it is then” I managed to get out “thank You very much !”

He smiled at me, and I smiled back while quickly trying to get through the gate to the underground with my Oyster card.
After a 3rd unsuccesful attempt I realised I was standing in front of the wrong gates. I turned slowly around in the direction of his window, praying he hadn’t seen it. But judging on the now even bigger smile on his face, he definetely had. Great. I shook my head, put my Oystercard in the right gate this time, and hurried out of his sight. Deep down, underground. I actually considered staying there for the rest of my life. Tooting Bec tubestation will be avoided for any visits the next coming weeks.

6 thoughts to “Voicilicious”

  1. Chicken are ya! GET OVER THERE! AND ASK HIM OUT!

    And this I have to read about the woman I admire most of all for her courage and empathy…. tsk tsk tsk…. what is the world coming to…

  2. No – he was a, well, a bit older man, probably happily married ! :-) Voices like that, I have never heard them from younger people.

  3. Being 46 of age, that isn’t an unpleaseant thing to read… works for my ego… too bad I’m trying to let go of it…

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