Blue Man Group – London

Blue Man Group

I took a picture of this bus on one of my first days in London, after my move, in the beginning of March. Already there I noticed the face of this Blue Man on the bus. And these blue faces popup on several places in London, in the underground, in cafe’s, in cinemas. Just the fact that their faces are so incredibly blue was enough reason for me to put them on my (long) “must-see” list. And today somehow ended up being the day where I saw them : The Blue Man Group, in The New London Theatre in Covent Garden.

And there is only one thing to say : Go see them, if you ever get to London (and they are still here).

Forget everything about Mama Mia, We Will Rock You and The Phantom of the Opera, as this is so much more original and mindbogglingly cool. 3 Blue Men, and they really are very blue, who don’t speak a word, but say so much. It has some hilariously funny moments, some moments that make you think, but most of all it is an incredible mix of live music, hi-tech, colours, light, paint and surprises. I don’t want to say too much about it, as you have to see it without really knowing what you are going to see. But trust me, you won’t forget it. They are incredible. And for all ages, also lots of fun for kids!

From their own website:
What is Blue Man Group?
Blue Man Group is not a typical theatre show. It?s impossible to describe
but it?s incredibly entertaining, inventive and exhilarating. There?s lots of humour, spectacle and fantastic music performed live. You?ll leave the
theatre feeling great!

Absolutely true !

I also tested the TKTS halfprice ticket booth today. This little booth is located on Leicester Square, and supposed to be the only official half price theatre ticket booth. I had expected a major queue on a Saturday afternoon, but there were only a few people. And while tickets for the Blue Man Group normally cost £40/€ 57.81, I got one for £22.50 (€ 32.52). (Yes theatre in London isn’t always cheap). I bought my ticket a few hours before the show started.
So if you don’t need to buy tickets in advance, but can wait buying them on the day you want to get to the theatre, you can save a lot of money. And even though I bought only a few hours on advance, I had an excellent seat, very close to the stage. (You don’t want to sit on the first rows with this show by the way, or maybe you do, but than you have to be prepared to wear a plastic yellow suit throughout the show, as things are flying around a bit.)

Remember them, these Blue Men, they are incredible.

Check out some of their pictures, to get a kind of impression
Blue Man Group – official website
TKTS – halfprice ticket booth

5 thoughts to “Blue Man Group – London”

  1. I have seen the Blue Men in Berlin last year. The show is really different from everything you have seen so far. It is highly entertaining and incredibly powerful. And, as it is said, impossible to describe. Go see for yourself when the chance arises. Ingrid, I share your enthusiasm!

  2. More support for Blue Men (more clones from the orginal US act) and Berlin:
    Saw it with a young lady of 70 and she liked as much as I did!
    You can send free postcards after the show to your friends to promote the event.
    Cards takes about a month to arrive :-))
    While you there, take a 3 hour free tour with an english speaking person, who walks and talks you through the history of Berlin.

  3. I’ve been meaning to go and see them for ages. Your review has prompted me to get my act together now…

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