The Thames Barrier

Thames Barrier, London
Thames Barrier, London and London skies …

Some things just intrigue me. One of these things was the Thames Barrier, I guess because I like water and everything that has to do with it. And because the design of the barrier somehow reminds me of the Opera House in Sydney, which is a beautiful building. And hey, I am from Holland, we have a history with water barriers.

So today, another beautiful day with the perfect clouds for pictures, I went.

The Thames Barrier is basically protecting London against rising water levels and tidal surges. It is the world’s second largest movable flood barrier after the Oosterscheldekering in the Netherlands, and was built finished in 1982.
See a more technical drawing of the Barrier here.

It is not possible to walk on the barrier itself. But there is a very nice park on the north bank of the Thames overlooking the Thames Flood Barrier. It is not yet a tourist magnet, as it was peaceful, with not that many people around. But banks alongside the water were the perfect place for an hour in the sun, reading the Observer someone had left at Westminster Station.

The perfect place if you want to get away from the hectic city for a while, and not further than 15 minutes bu tube/DLR. You could combine it with a trip to Greenwich or Canary Wharf, both not that far from there.

Free entry.

A few more pictures:

Tube: Jubilee Line to Canning Town. Change to the DLR line there, and hop off at Pontoon Dock station.

Wikipedia:The Thames Barrier
The Thames Barrier Park

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