Movie roundup

And you thought I hadn’t been in the cinema lately ?

American Dreamz
Did this guy really make About a boy too ? (Well done film, one of the few films where Hugh Grant actually shows he can act). American Dreamz is the worst collection of cliches and cheap jokes. Absolutely rubbish.

Lucky Number Slevin
I just don’t like Josh Hartnett that much. Apart from that, this is a pretty violent movie, but it turned out to be better than I feared after the first 10 minutes. And Bruce Willis is becoming a kind of a cult actor.

Inside Man
Denzel Washington, Jody Foster, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Clive Owen, all messing about the perfect bank robbery. Or is it ?
Not as bad as you think actually, Spike Lee directs.

Uknown white male
Documentary (true story) about a man who woke up with total amnesia. He didn’t recognize his family and friends, he didn’t even remember his own name. You follow him meeting his family for the first time, and also meeting his best friends. Will they become his best friends again, or have things been changed ?

As a film maybe not that spectacular, but the story is something that makes you think. How would it be to start with a completely blank page. Or : “If you lost your past, would you want it back?”

Boring. Boring. Boring.

Not bad. But not great either.

The New World
Excellent film to fall asleep to. Incredibly boring.

Shocking. Makes you think, and an excellent film. ‘Cause who are the bad guys really ?

Breakfast on Pluto
Small but powerful British film about a young transvestite cabaret singer in London. Theme : Dare to be yourself and go for your dreams. Interesting actor, this Cillian Murphy.

Only saw it to check if Harrison Ford (64) still “has it”. He does. Predictable story, but good entertainment. Let’s see if he can pull it off with Indiana Jones IV.

Any other films I should have seen ?

6 thoughts to “Movie roundup”

  1. I’d say Factotum and Coffee & Cigarettes. And perhaps Langer Licht (if only to see Monique Sluyter is actually still alive : )

  2. Longer Light – haha – well not running in London I’m afraid (not really) :-)

    Coffee & Cigarettes, mmm, I haven’t been able to pull myself into the cinema to see it – yet. The musical intake doesn’t seem to be that appealing to me.
    Factotum – I think I missed it !

  3. Howls Moving Castle while one from last year is whimsical yet fascinating enough to be worth a look. Animation in the old form, and story telling from Japan – a bit like Kitchen Chef meets Toy Story.

  4. I’d say Dark Horse, by the same guy who made the wonderful film Noi Albinoi.

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