Turn your room into your castle

How to turn your room in London into your castle in 3 easy steps (and on a budget):

  1. Buy the poster cheap on eBay. What poster ? THE poster.
  2. Buy a matching posterframe in IKEA. Clearly the hardest and less fun part of the project. Because you need to go to IKEA, and worse, you have to go inside IKEA. Not my favourite waste of time obviously. Dragging around the large posterframe in the underground doesn’t make it any funnier. But be tough, just think about how good it will feel after.
  3. Put poster in frame, and hang it on a prominent place on the wall. Above your bed/sofa will do just fine.

That’s it Love, Actually !
100% Unmissable.

(And to all the people worrying and thinking that I really think Love Actually is the best film ever. Of course not, The Girl in the Cafe is. But I have never seen posters of that film. So this is a second choice, but honestly, having both Bill, Alan and Liam on one poster above your sofa/bed – not bad – actually!)

2 thoughts to “Turn your room into your castle”

  1. It’s a pity that the posterframe is too big for the poster. A nice passepartout would do the trick. (Also available at IKEA !)

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