The Girl is very Lost

Churchill statue opposite the Houses of Parliament
Churchill statue opposite the Houses of Parliament

In more than one way.

1. You thought I was lost. Still thinking about what the heck the M&S poem was about ?

Maybe this helps (from THE film):
-So Marks & Spencer are still making good pajamas, then.

-I wouldn’t really know.It’s mainly food these days, isn’t it?

-Don’t know, really.
I haven’t been in much recently.

-I’m told it’s the place for dating.

I’m told people go there to shop…
and they get casually talking about,
you know, spaghetti alla carbonara…
and suddenly love flowers by the counter
for people with under five items.


-I suppose people have got to meet somehow.



2. My touchpad on my laptop is dead. I have been trying to revive it a million different ways, but it won’t come up again. It freezes after a few seconds after startup.
Now what did I do, just before it went wrong you ask ?
Well, as dire chance and fateful cockup would have it (know your filmquotes), I was actually trying to watch the Hitchhikers Guide press release preview DVD on my laptop. I saw a huge Marvin on my screen, he hung up my computer, and my touchpad has been in coma since then. Any tips on how to revive it again are very welcome, because it is very unconvenient!

3. The third and probably worst one. The Girl DVD is lost. Or I know where she is (in the USA), but let’s say that somehow she hasn’t been passed on to the next person. And that makes me very sad.

I will give it a bit more time, if the person holding her prisoner refuses to send her, I will restart the project and send a DVD myself to the next person. So don’t worry, it won’t stop the project, I am just, well very disappointed. And sad.

(Update : I got a mail today telling the Girl should be on her way again …!
Update2: She wasn’t – the person in question (and if you read this – shame on you) never send the DVD, so I restarted the project myself.)

8 thoughts to “The Girl is very Lost”

  1. 1. To be very precise:
    Acer TravelMate 4654LMi – Pentium M 760 2 GHz – RAM 512 MB – HD 100 GB – DVD?RW (+R dobbeltlag) / DVD-RAM – Mdm – LAN EN, Fast EN, Gigabit EN, Bluetooth, 802.11b, 802.11g – Centrino – Win XP Pro – 15′ TFT SXGA+ (1400 x 1050)

    2. Well I give it a few days more …

  2. 2. Do you have this problem with the touchpad when it’s running on its battery or when it’s connected to the electricity-network ?
    It’s a well-known problem with Acer laptops. A Dutch tv-show called “TROS Radar” has spent several programs on these laptops. 8 out of 10 people were not satisfied with the way Acer handels the complaints.

  3. @Pedro : 2. Both powerplugged and on batteries.
    But I don’t want to send it to reparation, as you never know when and how (in what state) you are going to get it back …

  4. I share your disappointment with the loss of the DVD. I suspect that the true problem is too many people in the US want to see the DVD and hence this is delaying its return. Anyone on the list will do the right thing, their time frames, however may be slower than others. Have faith and a little bit of trust in human nature – it will surprise you how often it wins through.

    Cheers Laurie

  5. @Laurie – I do have a lot of faith in human nature. That’s the reason why I still expect it to popup again. I actually did get a mail from the person having the DVD, and he said he had send it to the next person now. So I guess all is fine, hopefully.

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