The Sultans Elephant 2

The Sultans Elephant in front of The National Gallery

So what did I do all weekend you wonder ? Well I walked behind a huge Elephant. I didn’t plan to, but I simply had to. After friday’s impressive appearance I wanted more. So on Saturday, it swept me off my feet again, first of all by appearing even more beautiful and secondly by stopping all traffic on Trafalgar Square (which is a very busy point in London) and march on until it stood right in front of the National Gallery. Incredible. Fantastic. Magical.

Today’s highlight was it’s visit to The Cafe. Well nearly. It was too big to actually walk into Denham St, but it took over Picadilly Circus, which was as close as it could get. I’m sure the Cafe could sense him, and the Elephant did some trumpetting on Piccadilly Circus, so it must have heard it. It stopped all traffic here too, and happy Londoners took over the streets of London. The atmosphere was incredible and fantastic.

After a last thriumph round through the city, both the Sultans Elephant and the little Girl (huge too) walked towards the Horseguards Parade. The little Girl (a fellow Space Traveller, and such a cool Girl with those goggles!) said goodbye to the Elephant (very touchy indeed), climbed back in her rocket (which Slarti had put back in place for her) and took off into space.

The sultan mounted his timetraveller Elephant, and took off to a new destination.

Will we ever see them again ?

(Some more and slightly better pictures here:)

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  1. Oh..wouldn’t it be great if it would land in the village with the HEMA :-)

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