r u crzy???

Yes, well with living and working in place here in London, it was about time to do something about my social life. Even though I have no problems doing things on my own, it will be good with some people to talk about Life, the Univ… sorry. But seriously, I placed an ad on the internet somewhere. And no – it was not a romantic ad. (Even though that would probably get me a lot of readers on this weblog, mmm, might be something to consider …) But in this ad I was just looking for fellow movie addicts and other culturenauts like me, to see film, theatre, spaceships, Cafe’s and elephants together here in London.

Just to give you an impression about the quality of responses, here is one of highlights:

Hiii how ru?
wher bouts r u in London?
wanna meet u p for a film and coffee???
email me back i’m from sw london ..
we cud go to ritzy cinema if u want..mwah

Gosh, I thought I was ready to meet English people, but I can see that my language skills are far from sufficient to communicate with them.

4 thoughts to “r u crzy???”

  1. That is a brilliant site ! :-) You saved my day. Just translated my last paragraph, and he/she would probably understand it without any problem. I am not sure I do though.

    Lawd above! Gosh, I thought I was ready ter meet English people, but I can see what my language skills are far from sufficien’ ter communicate wiv ’em., innit.

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