A Moon for the Misbegotten

The Old Vic
Fall in London is going to be fantastic with Kevin Spacey back on stage in the Old Vic Theatre. Kevin Spacey has just announced The Old Vic’s program, and he is going to play in A Moon for the Misbegotten.

Now if you are like me, you have no idea what Misbegotten means. So I looked it up:

1. Of, relating to, or being a child or children born to unmarried parents. (a bastard so to speak)
2. Not lawfully obtained: misbegotten wealth.

I can’t tell you exactly what the misbegotten in Kevin’s play means, but my best guess is the first one. And do I care at all ? Not really. I just want to see the man on stage, from as close by as possible, and have him play his magic. American Beauty. Tickets are on sale.

Some other interesting news I heard today is Bill starring in a new film from the (Australian) director of Priscilla, Queen of the Dessert. That is going to be very interesting indeed.

Yes London is so beautiful. The weather is summerlike, I just walked another part of the Thames Path. And if you like walking, this is a really fantastic footpath, following the curves of the Thames, and connecting more than a hundred attractions including more than 30 museums, a dozen parks and gardens, 21 historic monuments and 7 art galleries. You can just take the tube and start at some point, and if you are tired, hop on the train or on the tube to get home again. Highly recommended.

When I came home, after another beautiful sunset watched from a bank along the Thames, it was shining. The Moon. For The Misbegotten. And all the other ones.

3 thoughts to “A Moon for the Misbegotten”

  1. Hey. We do have beautiful weather over here too, you know :)

    And The Old Vic… wasn’t there something with it? Like Kevin not being the good director he was supposed to be? Like not much people coming over there? Or was the Vic being hammered down by the critics? I don’t remember any more, but there was certainly something with it…

  2. Well the critics are split in 2. One half is happy to have Kevin running the Old Vic. The other half still hasn’t get over the fact that it is a cocky American (those are their words, I don’t think he is cocky at all) running their theatre. And no matter what he does, they are commenting it in the papers.

    Facts are that the number of people coming to the Old Vic has more than doubled since Kevin Spacey started. The last play Resurrection Blues didn’t do so well, but still has attracted a lot of people watching it. And he (Kevin) has no plans in leaving the theatre before his contract is over (2 years from now). Which is cool and the rigth thing to do, as I think he is doing a great job promoting theatre in London. And it is great to have him here too, being able to watch him on stage, as he is a great actor too.

    So that is probably the “something” you have heard ..

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