Baby – life’s what you make it

With everything else in place, it’s time to go do some of the fun things I came to London for.

The first thing is the following course:

Video special effects and animation

“This is a hands-on practical course aimed at introducing you to some of the creative potential offered by digital video. We’ll provide lots of powerful software and hardware; you’ll provide enthusiasm, stamina and a willingness to have a go. You won’t need previous experience. And nothing will be too basic. Any skills you do have won’t be wasted. By the end of the course you’ll have met and worked with some like-minded people, helping each other to video and post-produce short, fun pieces to take home.

The sort of possibilities on offer include interviewing your “twin,” using chromakey, creating moving titles, animating clay figures and flat card puppets (I can just imagine to make The Girl (from the postcards) come alive !), Pixillation (animating people so they move in impossible ways), experimenting with speeding up, slowing down, and reversing footage, working with the camera upside and on its side, camera feedback (e.g. the original Dr.Who Titles) etc. etc. That’s after we’ve helped you work out how to switch it all on! You’ll find out how to edit your material, work on the sound and produce a DVD. You can be as creative as you like.

The course will be supervised by TV programme maker, Andy Prendergast (How 2, Tiny Planets, Fingertips etc) and digital filmmaker Sarah Vaci (Art Attack, Community Channel, The Film and Video Workshop etc). Both are experienced in running video workshops.”

The course starts exactly 1 week from now, and is held in a cinema in Greenwich. It’s 3 evenings in a row, and it sounds like so much fun to me, that I can’t hardly wait. If anything showable comes out of it, I’ll try to upload it here.

The London Film Academy course is also still planned, and in September I will signup for a Creative Writing course.

Baby – Life’s what you make it.

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