The Girl gets a life

In the train back home from work I was thinking about what I could do on this course. I didn’t need to think long about that. I think I know a girl who can’t wait to get a life of her own. I have no idea how much we are going to accomplish in just 3 evenings, but it would be cool to have her starring in her own (very) short movieclip. Consider this to be a very rough first sketch attempt (and I am very bad with Flash), but I do have a micro story in my head, which could be fun to make. And I think she’s happy to finally have a beating heart.

(And several messages from Denmark are confirming that the postcards now really are available in cafe’s in Denmark. And the DVD of the project is still lost. I’ll give it until the start of June, if it hasn’t arrived with the next person then, I’ll send a new DVD around. I still hope on a happy ending though …)

4 thoughts to “The Girl gets a life”

  1. Wat je nu hebt gepresteerd vind ik al helemaal geweldig! Vooral doordat die twee vingers zo verrassend stil blijven. :-)

  2. @Cockie : I told here that she could get a heart, but only IF she could keep her fingers still :) (She obeys)

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