Take me somewhere I can call a home

London Thames
I met up with 2 girls in the Starbucks on Leicester Square, and after some text communication about what we looked like, we found each other. We were going to see Prime. Prime was actually quite fun to watch, a real girls night out film, and if you love films like Love Actually you probably like this one too. Meryl Streep is hilarious, and they luckily chose the not too obvious endning. (a 7.5 for this one)

But this wasn’t the highlight of the evening for me.

I am not the type who needs to meet up with other Dutch people while being here in London. I didn’t do that in Denmark either. I have been too long away from Holland to really feel that connection or need, I feel more like a cosmic girl then a Dutch one. And I don’t feel the need to meetup with Dutch to celebrate Queen’s day or Sinterklaas in other places than in Holland.

So – We were early and needed to spend an hour somewhere before the film began. So we went to a bar. One of the girls knew a cosy bar, and we just followed her. And guess what, it turned out to be a Dutch cafe. In the middle of China Town!

The cafe was quite alright, not too many people there so nice and quiet. On the first floor they had sofa’s and we sat down. A big flat tv on the wall was showing Andre Rieu. And for those not knowing him, when watching him, I actually started considering giving up my Dutch nationality and getting a UK passport in stead. Yes this was definetely a very Dutch cafe. They had several Dutch beers, and also the famous Belgian fruit beers.

I looked around a bit, and my eyes focussed on their menu card on the wall. Despite Andre Rieu I felt a wave of patriotism running through my veins.
There they were, the magic words :

It is extremely overpriced at ?3.50 but I am so going to eat there soon.
Broodje kroket is my absolute favourite snack, and there have been moments where I would do anything to have a chance to eat one. No chance for that in Denmark, but now there is, in the middle of London. They also have things like “Frikandel speciaal” and “Sate with bread”, and the inevitable “bittergarnituur”. The address for those wanting to visit it:
De Hems
11 Macclesfield Street, Soho, W1D 5BW (google maps)
Nearest Tube: Piccadilly Circus

I also found something quite close to liquorice in a shop here in London, so tell me, what possible reason could there be to ever leave London again ?

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  1. Grijns ;o)))))))))))))))))
    Andre Rieu is trouwens niet Nederlands, maar Limburgs. There’s a difference…

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