Natural History Museum, London

Dinosaur in the National History Museum

If you like museums, South Kensington is the place. Here you’ll find the Science Museum, the V&A (design) museum and the Natural History Museum very close to each other. And Kensington Gardens, and Royal Albert Hall are just around the corner too.

If you are a National Geographic reader or Discovery Channel fan you would probably love the Natural History Museum. If you are interested in dinosaurs even more, ’cause they have quite a lot of them. Expect a complete zoo of stuffed animals. And on a rainy Sunday (last weekend), expect a whole zoo of people too and get a better understanding of what claustophobic means.

Even though located in a fantastic and beautifully decorated building, it wasn’t really me. I prefer living animals (to watch, mind you) and less people. But this is a world famous museum, and one of London’s topattractions, so go and check it out for yourself, it’s for free.

Free entrance. South Kensington tube station.
(The Big Dinosaur picture is on the photoblog, shaken, not stirred, but in this case I quite like that)

3 thoughts to “Natural History Museum, London”

  1. Been there, done that… We (me, my wife an 2 girls of 9 and 11) liked it though i seem to remember it’s called the Natural history museum ;-). Try reading “A brief history of nearly everything” by Bill Bryson – puts it all in ( an allthough sometimes scary) perspective. Bill also has some behind the scenes stories about the NHM. The family didn’t enjoy the science museum as much – but i guess i could spend days there.

  2. I was actually really thinking about that I found it such a weird name for the museum. Now I understand why ! I was convinved it was called National History Museum (I changed it), and thought it was just another British weirdness I didn’t quite get :-)

    I have the Bill Bryson book, have tried to start in it several times, but haven’t succeeded yet. Maybe this summer.

  3. I have been there during the “The Big Draw”-event (which takes place all over England and London every october). I loved it, because it was a wonderful chance to draw the animals. Just because they didn’t move. :)

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