Little Venice and Camden Lock

I never knew London had canals. Not before I moved here at least. They even have a place called Little Venice, which is the place where Grand Union Canal meets the Regents Canal. It is great for walking, because you can walk along the old towpath (from the time they used horses to pull the boats) all the way to Camden Lock. Somehow I always seem to end up in Camden.

I really had the intention to walk, but when arriving in Little Venice (sponsored link) I stumbled upon the boatservice of the London Waterbus Co.. These small cosy riverboats sail from Little Venice to Camden Lock in about 50 minutes, and it was a relaxing trip. Mostly that was, because I came to sit beside 3 screaming children (dear parents – don’t take your kids on such a trip, it is too boring for them, and it annoys the hell out of us other passengers, who came here for a nice and quiet trip.), and a flock of Germans, who didn’t want to understand the English queue system, and managed to press themselves in front of nice English people who had been waiting way longer than them. I tried not to get pissed about it, but that was hard.) But it was a very nice trip, and I highly recommend it. Halfway on the trip the boat also makes a stop at the entrance of the London Zoo, which is located in Regents Park.

The boat arrived in the Camden Lock area which was filled with market stalls selling everything from t-shirts to books, to pancakes (yeah baby yeah, Camden really is cool) with Nutella and I could go on. When the weather is like this (sunshine) it is a very cosy place to be. Cosy but busy.

London has many faces and I love every single one of them.

Tube : Camden Town for the lock and the market, and Warwick Avenue for Little Venice.

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