The Girl In The …

well Cafe would be the only right word for it. Put that together with the dating thing, and you have all the ingredients for another close to embarrasing experience.
(note : it was not in THE cafe. You have to be really something before I invite you over there).

So I was standing in front of the Starbucks, waiting for him. And I was way too early.

I texted him.
“I’m here already. Much earlier than planned. Are you far ?”
I went into the Starbucks, and fished my book out of my bag. A cup of tea with milk. I started reading.
“I am 5 minutes away” my mobile phone blinked on the table a few minutes later.
“No need to rush!” I fiddled back on the ridiculous small keyboard of my phone. I will never ever be a Text message champion.
I read on in my book.
A few minutes later my phone rang.
I was sitting close to the entrance and could see everybody come in. A strategic place to be, as I didn’t knew more of him than “jeans and black top. Maybe a blue jacket”. I was “jeans, sneakers, black jacket and messed up hair”.
So my phone rang. And while I picked it up I saw a guy come in, his mobile phone at his ear. I checked : Jeans – yes. Black top – yup. Must be him.
“Hello” I said in my phone.
“Hello” his voice said “Where are you?”
“Well if you turn around you can see me. I am the girl talking in the mobile phone”.
He didn’t turn around.
“I really can’t see you” he said.
“I am quite close to you, just turn around !” I said.
He didn’t turn around.
“I am sitting 2 meters away from you!” I said.
He refused to turn, but still had the mobile phone on his ear.
I was about to stand up, to walk towards him and grab his black top, when the door opened.
A guy came in, his mobile phone at his ear.
Jeans ? Yes. Black top ? Yes.
And the maybe-a-blue-jacket was hanging over his arm.

Maybe the “I’ll carry a red rose” concept isn’t that overrated after all.

8 thoughts to “The Girl In The …”

  1. To be continued, I suppose? This wasn’t the whole story after all. I am dead curious ;-)

  2. This was like something out of a movie. And if it isn’t they should make one just like it!

  3. Now Ingrid… that is no way to talk about the girl and her adventurous life in the heart of London. You know that every movie works up to a climax… Imagine, all of this and a climax too!!!

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