TGITC back on track

The Girl In The CafeI just personally packed a new The Girl In The Cafe DVD, and will send it off to the next person on the list in Holland. I have given up waiting for it, I guess the person having the DVD either loves the film so much that he couldn’t let her go, or has some other reason to spoil the project.
Whatever the reason, the TGITC on tour is restarted, and will hopefully continue without problems. Sorry about the delay.

I had to check if the DVD did play, and just wanted to see a few seconds of the film to be sure everything was OK, before sending her off. I did that at 11.30pm, close to bedtime. Which was a very stupid idea.

Of course I could not switch it off without seeing the whole film one more time. I don’t know how many times I have seen it now (6-7-8 times would be my guess), but I was melting as much as the first time I saw it, cried on the exact same moments, and laughed as loud about the painfully recognizable comic situations again too.

Sign up if you want to join, check the list to see when it is coming to you.

I can’t wait to start at the London Film Academy course (which is starting 44 days from now in July). If that goes well (which I really hope), I know exactly what I want to go for after that.

The animation course was really really crap by the way. The only positive thing coming out of it was the fact that it convinced me even more that making shorts and films is fun. A lot of fun.

The Girl is back on track. Both of them.

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