London – Aarhus – London in a day

I officially passed the 3 months in London border, and to keep it short London is home. I took 2 bags with me when I came here, and all the important and neccesary stuff was in it, carefully selected.

But I am beginning to miss some of the things that didn’t make through the first selection. And in stead of buying them again here and have everything double when my stuff one day gets shipped to the UK, it was cheaper to buy a plainticket to fly over to Aarhus and get it. Sunglasses (London today : 24 degrees and sunny), had-to-leave-behind things like DVD’s, certain books, my WIndows XP installation CD, a decent raincoat (not needed yet, but the day might come) and some other practical things. And I also need to pick up some post at my old address. And I am dying to get my Lawless Heart home.

Well it is a good plan. The only thing is that the plane is leaving at 7.30am from Stansted. And the Underground being asleep at night, I need to take the bus at 4.50 am (it’s not human to stand up that early). I’ll be in Aarhus at 10.10 and from there I have to try to entertain myself until 22.45 where the plain hopefully will bring me back to London. I guess I could have stayed a night in Aarhus, but I don’t really know what to do there, and it wouldn’t have made it much better, ’cause the Saturday plane is leaving at the same early time. Picking up the stuff takes time, as the storage location is inconveniently far out of the city. Opening all the boxes will take a lot of time, because I stopped writing what was in them after the 3rd box when I packed them. Pick up my post, saying a very last goodbye to my appartment, drinking coffee with a friend. If there is time left, I can check how the Girls postcards are doing in the cafe, or catch a movie.

I think I will be (and here comes one of my favourite English words) knackered, when I come home, late tomorrow. Knackered but glad to be back. Home.

It is weird when I look at the picture of Aarhus. It seems familiar but it feels like lightyears away.

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