Market Boy – The National Theatre, London

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After 2 days of indoor nose blowing, today was the day to get out again. Back to work, and much better, back to London. I missed being in the city, I missed him and him, and the Southbank, and the feeling of just being here. The weather was making the evening close to perfect, and I gave it the finishing touch by buying another mango blaster and sit down on a bench on the South bank.

One of the reasons why London is such a cool city is this. While reading my book, and writing a bit, thinking about what we might do this evening, I suddenly realised that I was about a 100 meters away from the National Theatre.

(The first time I saw the building of the National Theatre I was shocked, it is really ugly. A grey block of concrete, nothing more. Built on a beautiful place though, that I have to admit, with her feet in the Thames, nearly.) And I had never been inside before. So – time to do something about that.

The National Theatre has a summer program where all plays are available for only ?10 (2/3 of the seats), and that is cheaper than a cinema ticket. At 7.20pm I checked my watch, walked to the theatre, was there at 7.25pm, asked if they had any tickets left, which they had, and at exactly 7.30pm I sat on my very comfortable chair on a perfect spot in the really big Olivier Theatre, and enjoyed Market Boy. Last minute decisions are cool.

Market Boy (it was a preview) was fun to watch. It’s soundtrack existed of 80’s music which was enjoyable and recognizable, the rotating scene was quite amazing and well used, and it was simply entertaining. Apart from that, more than 2 hours filled with all kinds of London accents, I was sold after 5 minutes. If you should comment it, it maybe lacks some depth in some of the main characters. But for ?10, as big a performance as this (more than 30 actors) in a beautiful theatre in the heart of London – what more could you ask for?

7 thoughts to “Market Boy – The National Theatre, London”

  1. Hi…I’m an Italian girl, I’ve come across ur site and i think it’s amazing!!!
    I love London and even if it could be strange (for someone) i suffer of “the London Pain” (that’s how i definte it!…. a big nostalgia of it)…London is where i would live….but i’ve got my boyfriend here in Italy…and so… anyway….I enjoy so much ur stories….Have a nice sunday!!
    Kisses from Italy!

  2. Hi Irene, nice to meet you :-) And I now exactly how you feel, after only a single day away from London today, I was already starting to miss it ! It’s extremely addicting to live here.

  3. hi.i am an actor in israel.did you see the history boys at the nt ?
    do you gop a lot to the nt ?to theatre ?

  4. Hi Doron, no I haven’t seen the History Boys in the NT, but did see the film version of it. I go to the theatre regularly in London, but have only been in the NT once! There are so many theatres to chose from over here :)

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